Choose San Carlos Flight Center Maintenance for your next aircraft service. We offer multiple services including annual inspection, oil change, tire change, propeller balancing, or weight and balance. Our team of mechanics and IAs has experience working with many makes and models of light aircraft. Take advantage of the Flight Center reputation for quality and its central location to get all of your aircraft maintenance needs.

There is no better feeling than getting your damaged aircraft back in the air. We repair a wide range of damages from accidents, hangar rash, and wind storms. We have experience with landing gear repairs as well as minor repair to wing and body surfaces. Our team of mechanics regularly deals with worn out push-to-talk switches, trim plastics, ceiling windows, and more. Installation of intercom system, emergency locating transmitter, and LED lights are also functions our mechanics can perform. Whether your maintenance or repairs are complex or simple, SCFC will be happy to help.

San Carlos Flight Center is the center of activity for many members of the flying community at San Carlos Airport (SQL), including many pilots who own their own plane and don't need to rent from a school. SQL pilots regularly participate in our safety seminars and events, our FlyOutGroup activities, and know us for our commitment to building and supporting the San Carlos aviation community. We're excited to deepen this community relationship by opening our maintenance hangar doors to friends of the Flight Center for SQL aircraft that need on-field service.

Give us a call today to discuss your maintenance needs at (650) 946-1701.