San Carlos Flight Center Maintenance offers balancing of airplane propellers. The SCFC Maintenance team uses a MicroVib 2 which is a state of the art micro vibration aircraft analyzer.

The aircraft analyzer utilizes vibration sensors which allow the team to perform and record both dynamic prop balancing and engine vibration analysis with precision.

An unbalanced propeller or rotor will create excess vibration which can cause: wear and tear on airframe, cause fatigue to passenger and pilot, shorten life of engine, alternator, exhaust system, and more.  A propeller or rotor balancing service ranges in price depending on the aircraft with a base cost of $250 plus $110 per hour after the first hour of service.

Our team of IAs and mechanics is dedicated to providing quality support and maintenance for light aircrafts. The SCFC Maintenance team has experience working with many makes and models. Take advantage of the Flight Center reputation for quality and choose San Carlos Flight Center for your next prop balancing service.

Give us a call today to discuss your maintenance needs at (650) 946-1701.